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Microbiology Streamlined

Learn Microbiology from the comfort of home in 100 hours

A complete course to become a true expert in Microbiology. Developed to optimize the learning experience and to be able to learn at your own pace from the comfort of home. Our goal is that you learn, not study. We want you to get a great experience discovering a new exciting world that will change how you look at your own world.

Discover the world at the micrometric scale

There are more bacteria in your body than human beings in the whole planet. And bacteria is just 1 type of microorganism.
The human body contains trillions of microorganisms — outnumbering human cells by 10 to 1.

Will you discover them all

The human naked eye can see objects of any size, as long as said objects emit or scatter enough light to trigger its photoreceptors. Which is fairly easy, a rod can detect the object even with 1 single photon!
We can see smog or fog, even if we cannot distinguish it’s individual particles (molecules).
The limiting aspect is the eye’s resolution, i.e. how close 2 objects can be before they blur into one another.
Can you spot the animal in this picture?
The resolution depends on each person, but on average it’s slightly smaller than 1 mm. For example, a good eye can see the width of a human hair that is about 0.4 mm.
With a microscope that magnifies 100x, you can differentiate two objects that are 100 times closer than you could with your naked eye.
And in the previous picture, just by magnifying 4x times the picture, you can clearly differentiate the hare:
By the way, who painted the blue sky? Or it is grey ? It is not orange or sunset ? The sky is like the smoke, particles in the air scattering light so close to each other that they perfectly blend together.
Did you find this interesting? This is just the tip of the iceberg of what you will learn in this course.

You’ll start from the basics:

 Learning how to use the microscope and observing many things like plants, bugs and blood.
Grow and stain cells such as bacteria from your hands and saliva.
One of the critical tasks to learn for Microbiologists is to grow bacteria and stain cells to be able to contrast different cells and parts. Most cells are at least partially transparent, which makes it very hard to observe without using a contrast method. 
In this course you will learn to do these experiments, following safety methodologies developed for learning at home.

Distinguish different types of microorganisms

Yeasts, protozoos, bacteria, cell walls, nucleus, shapes, functions, cell soup consistency, triggering to stimulus, coloration.
Does all bacteria have the same color with the same tint? Is nucleon always in the middle of the cell? Are all animal cells the same? What about human cells? Do you have mites in your bed? All these you will learn them by observing them yourself and solving challenges.

Basically, you'll learn Microbiology even to University level highest standards

In this course, we will cover everything Microbiologists needs to know (in microbiology) up to graduating from college; and everything from a practical approach using our 3D methodology. You will get a guided path with the minimum activities, and the possibility to do hundreds of certified extra hours of practice that you will be able to add to your CV. Whether you just want to learn about this fascinating world or jump start a career as a future Microbiologist, it has never being easier nor more affordable.

And you will have over 1000 experiments to practice as much as you want to

And all this from the comfort of home guided by a cutting-edge educational platform developed to optimize the learning process

A platform developed to just to guide you. You are the protagonist. You are the one who makes everything, learning by yourself with every experience. We’re constantly improving the platform and we are going to add a lot of new features and resources for Microbiology.

Design by Microbiologists, Engineers and Psychologists

The only comprehensive course to learn Microbiology

From the basics on how to use a microscope.

To grow your own bacteria , staining it and identifying microorganisms.

You can learn it all. Here. With Microbiology streamlined.

Will you get your Microbiologist diploma?

3D methodology - HOW IT WORKS

Our 3D learning methodology is developed with the goal of streamlining your learning experience. Forget about sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher giving a lecture. Welcome to the 3 dimensional learning environment.
Remember, you are the protagonist. It’s all about you learning, not about us teaching you. So, you see what you have to do and you get out of the screen to do it in real life.
  and active learning

One of the keys to learn is interest. We pay close attention to keeping things interesting and just aiding you in your learning experience. The idea is that you want to do things yourself and learn by doing (DIY).

  and critical thinking
Challenges that make you think and reason about what you just did.
And both during after doing the experiment, we make you think on what you are doing, guiding you to develop critical thinking and analytical skill. Because we don’t want you to memorize for the sake of it. We strive for you to reach your own conclusions, and above all to develop skills.

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We already have course with basics on how to use a microscope. Now we want to expand the course till microbiological.

Use it with any microscope

You already have a microscope

You need a microscope - check our addons


Safety gear

Heavy duty table cover

Protect your table from stains used during the experiments.

You can use it in your outings, both when looking for samples, and when you just go to a part or the beach.

It’s super convenient.


The features in the table are ordered by importance for sharp observations and ease of use.


Ready made samples with video explanations made by Microbiologists

There are hundreds of prepared slides on the market. But unless you have a teacher or a parent who knows about Microbiology, highly unlikely, you are on your own. Observing a prepared slide without any explanation of what you can see beyond the name of the sample.

What makes these add-on different is that you get:

  • explanations in our web platform of what you are observing
  • challenges to reflect on the observations and learn

Our goal is that you learn. We make the effort of making the content ready for you to learn.

Accessories for microscopes

Phase contrast

(Accessory only compatible for the ROcTAR microscope with DIN objectives).

For observation with high contrast without the need for staining. This not only means less time to prepare a sample in order to observe it, but even more important, we don’t kill the cell with the stain. We can observe alive transparent microorganisms.

This technique consists in converting the phase shifts in light when passing through a transparent material into changes in brightness in the image. In plain words, when light goes through a transparent material, an invisible change to the human eye is produced. We use optics to convert this change into higher or lower brightness for each phase. And thus, by doing this each part of the material has a different brightness, which allows seeing transparent parts only with light. No stain needed.

The same cells on the left under traditional bright-field microscope, and on the right with phase-contrast microscope.

LCD for microscopes

A screen with connection to substitute an ocular. You simply put it where the ocular would be, turn on the screen, and it’s ready to share.

It’s great for:

  • sharing the observation
  • pointing at parts to explain someone else what are you observing
  • easily observe even if you have trouble looking through the oculars

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Reserve now to warranty the Super Early Bird discount and get awesome perks like exclusive prepared slides and free shipping.